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  1. On Point Episode 9: Mandatory Vaccination?

    The issue of COVID-19 vaccinations is back on the front burner. In Barbados, more employers are requiring proof of vaccination as a condition of work or employees have to submit to regular PCR Tests. Editor-in-Chief Carol Martindale addresses the message from Government, hints of mandatory vaccination, people’s right to choose and more ...


  2. On Point Episode 8: Getting tourism back on track

    On Tuesday, Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins hosted a State Of The Industry Media Breakfast at Hilton Barbados. She spoke of the challenges brought by COVID-19, but painted a hopeful picture for a rebound later this year. This week in On Point, Editor-In-Chief Carol Martindale, who attended the event, talks about ...


  3. On Point Episode 7: Reflections on Hurricane Elsa and COVID-19

    On Point returns this week and Editor-In-Chief Carol Martindale reflects on the effects of Hurricane Elsa and the latest surge in COVID-19 cases. ...


  4. On Point Episode 6: Bye, bye curfew

    The COVID-19 weekend curfew will be over by the end of June. What does this mean for entertainers and promoters, as well as the general public? What role does the COVID vaccine play in all of this? Do you need a vaccine to party? Editor-in-Chief Carol Martindale discusses this and more in Episode ...


  5. On Point Episode 5: Whither the Worker

    Are trade unions really looking out for the well-being of the workers? Specifically, are the governance issues plaguing the National Union of Public Workers impacting on its ability to agitate for workers? Editor-in-Chief Carol Martindale talks about this and more on Episode 5 of On Point. ...